Caught By Weight Loss Plateau? It’s Rather A Welcome Guest!

Weight Loss Plateau
Caught By Weight Loss Plateau? It’s Rather A Welcome Guest!
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Caught By Weight Loss Plateau? It’s Rather A Welcome Guest!


Hey, there! Feels like having lost some pounds? Great!

Weight loss is undoubtedly one of the most wanted achievements. While many struggles to get off those unwanted fats, only some would succeed. This fact is always taken for granted, and it is a cruel reality too.


That tells why people are finding natural diet methods.

Nowadays, numerous health companies are introducing diet supplements and programs. What they have in common is emphasizing the point that they are easy to lose weight. I’m not being sarcastic or saying it doesn’t work! Of course, you might get help with these products for a period. But you will eventually reach a point where you will no longer lose weight.


Weight Loss Plateau

Why are you in trouble getting back to being strict as you were at first?


Let’s discuss why people are getting into the plateaus and how to break it!

I hope you guys enjoy and get as much value as you are investing time on this article.


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 Four Aspects When You Lose Weight


Every people have a different process as they go on a diet. Before we dive into the main topic, let’s see four common aspects while people attempt to shed weight.


See the graphs below:

Weight Loss Plateau - Types


Type A

Individuals in Type A don’t encounter any difficulties in their weight loss journey. The main reason is that the nutritional balance in their body is sufficient. Or, they may have enough muscles. In other words, people with Type A are superb at weight loss from the beginning.


Type B

Type B gets different from Type A after dieters successfully shed some pounds at the beginning. After the first phase, though, the weight loss would progress after your body resolves the lack of muscularity to normal.


Type C

Type C starts for the following reasons when someone:

  • Lacks nutrition.
  • Takes hormone medication.
  • Takes blood pressure medication.
  • Takes contraceptives.
  • Starves for losing weight.
  • Drinks alcohol regularly.

These people often spend initial time in recovering the deteriorated function of the body.


Type D

Lastly, Type D is a case where someone has a little muscularity in the first place. Therefore, people in this kind go through the process of making muscles. As a result, they will go through a slight increase in weight.


From inspecting carefully into these charts, it is clear that all aspects except for type A have somewhat, stagnant section. This section is a well-known “weight loss plateau.”

Well then, let’s dig into more specific reasons why people have got to suffer from these situations.

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The Presence Of A Set Point.


What is a set point?


A set point is a state where our body is trying to maintain a certain level. The concept of “homeostasis” also can explain this term. In other words, a set point is our genuine effort to maintain a constant body weight, body temperature, and so on.


Weight Loss Plateau - Cold

When people are cold, they shake their body or eat food to raise their temperature!


As such, homeostasis is a living organism’s protective function that maintains a normal state, or a set point, when our body feels a significant change.


Likewise, we can also track homeostasis in the process of weight loss too.


Weight loss plateau is the last step in our body trying to keep our set points from danger. This natural mechanism mostly invokes weight gain. However, people would never give up, and they would do anything to lose weight. As a result, the weight will be kept same.


In summary, weight loss plateau is a conflict between my will and my body’s response. A set point in this context is your body weight before going on a diet. Your homeostasis is trying to bring you back to a set point.


Therefore, the plateau is a very natural phenomenon for you. Do not be frightened!


Weight Loss Plateau - Set Point

Most importantly, this theory explains the yo-yo dieting, or weight cycling, as well.
Let’s imagine you achieved your goal after the diet. Congratulations! However, if you return to your normal daily life, you will have to go through homeostasis again. That is, your body will take you to your original weight because the body still recognizes the set point as a weight before. Therefore you should spend enough time maintaining weight until the body doesn’t accept the present condition as a threat.

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Your Metabolism Always Adapts.


Many people perform an InBody Test to have better ideas from your body composition balance: body water, proteins, minerals and body fat. Also, we can measure our basal metabolic rate (BMR) through this examination. As a result, we use this data to determine the amount of food we are going to eat.

By reducing energy intake and increasing the number of activities, BMR and metabolic abilities would decrease too. As we become thinner than before, however, our body behaves more dramatically than we had expected. It cuts off, even more, energy consumptions. This fact makes weight reduction more difficult.

One strategy to overcome is binge eating. Bodybuilders often use binge eating strategies to prevent a sudden decrease in BMR. Click here if you want to know more!

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Your Body Fat Hardens.


When energy comes into a body, this energy naturally accumulates in the fat. This new fat is soft. However, the real problem is that it gets hardened over time! It can be a contributional factor that makes weight loss especially difficult for people who have been obese for a long time.


For example, it is easy to burn soft fats and use them as fuel which would result in a noticeable change in weight. You can gradually shed a few hundred grams a day at this stage.


Well, what if there are no more soft fats to burn?


From then, our body starts to transform the hardened fat into soft one to cover up the limited energy source. During this time there will be no change in weight. But, this is a sign which your body is changing in shape.


In conclusion, what you see in your weight scale is a delusion. Inside of you is constantly changing regardless of changing in scale numbers.

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So much for plenty reasons, how about overcoming those plateaus then?


Break Your Set Point!


You can check out above to find out what is a set point.

The human brain recognizes our pre-dieting status as reasonable and safe. Therefore, this strategy aims to shake and shatter the memory of the brain and move the set point to a post-diet state.


In other words, it is a method of changing the diet pattern.


When you are on a diet, you can focus on losing weight for the first week. And for the next week, you should aim to keep your weight down. It’s that simple!

Repeat this cycle over and over again. This excellent method gives our body time to adapt to the changed weight. Not only that, but it also has the effect of confusing the brain and preventing a set point from being recognized.

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Try Binge Eating.


Binge eating is often what people think are bad.

However, it is also an excellent way to overcome weight loss plateau.

First, this can act as a trick to our brains, like breaking a set point. By binge-eating on the food, it makes the mind aware that we still need high calories. Therefore, we can mitigate the reduction level of our body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Second, binge eating can impact your stomach by shocking the well-known “leptin” hormone. Leptin hormone is secreted when fat accumulates in the body. It helps burn and break down fat. If body fat decreases, the secretion of leptin hormone also decreases, making it hard to burn fat as before. As a result, binge eating can cause leptin to secrete in large amounts, and the body to turn into a status that can burn fat again.



When you are binge-eating, you must obey certain rules. On a cheating day, you can multiply your weight in lbs by 20kcal and eat carbs as much as you want.

Remember, it is allowed only for one day!

You must also have a cheating meal before 8 pm. Despite that the meal is intended for consumption, it also requires proper digestion.


It is desirable to plan on binge eating periodically according to your body fat percentage. Below calculations are based on men, so add 3% if you are women.

  • If your body fat percentage is between 8% and 10%, you can do it once a week.
  • If your body fat percentage is 10% to 15%, you can do it once every two weeks.
  • Men with a body fat percentage of more than 25% and women over 28% already have a lot of leptin secretion. You have to lower your body fat first!

Do not take carbs the next day after you’ve done binge eating. The shock therapy is effective if and only if you tighten yourself again.

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Mindset Is Also Important.


The most important and easy way when encountered a plateau is to relax.


Weight loss plateau is rather a welcome guest. It is not a result of a failure, but a critical part of the journey. As explained in here, during the plateau, our body absorbs the maximum calories from a small meal. And then it uses the minimum amount of calories.  It is our natural instinct to try to live as long as possible.


What would happen if we give up and return to a daily routine during this state?


Although you started to eat more, your body will burn minimal calories, and accumulate in fat. As a result, you might fall into a situation where your weight gains more than your pre-diet status.


Weight loss plateau will end. And the day, when your weight falls smoothly, will come too. If you can endure through this period, the success of the diet can be said to be in front of you. So don’t give up!

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Avoid your body’s homeostasis.


Wrapping up, what I have found to be the best method when losing weight is to do it slowly. By the time you have just started your diet, you will be more motivated and harder to work because your efforts immediately become visible in weight scale. This dramatical loss is often gets caught in a radar of homeostasis. So it is desirable to lose three to four pounds a month.


Of course, there can be more or better recommendations on breaking the plateaus. Please let me know and comment on what contents you guys think are better or want to find out. Feedbacks are always precious than anything.


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Thank you for reading. Have a good one!